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Of all days to be home with my sick kid.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but still today is a pretty big day for APSCUF-KU.  Here’s a little run-down of what will happen in just a few hours:

  1. at 3:15 there will be a special meeting of the APSCUF-KU Representative Council to vote on the new Gen Ed model.  In order to be approved, the new model has to be passed by APSCUF-KU Rep Council, the University Senate, and the University Curriculum Committee.  All bodies have to vote this week.  APSCUF-KU was able to secure a written agreement that the new Gen Ed model will not cost any faculty jobs, will not result in the elimination of any programs, and will not force faculty to teach outside of their areas of expertise.  In the world of Kutztown University, approving a new Gen Ed model will be nothing short of historic.
  2. At 4pm, candidates for State APSCUF President Rob Mutchnick and Vice President Debra Cornelius will talk to and discuss issues going on at the State level as well as try and convince us why they would be desirable as State President/Vice President.  The talk will be held in Room 250 of the Student Union Building.
  3. Also at 4pm, there will be a faculty-student discussion in Room 102 of the Academic Forum.  The forum will address the critical need of education in a recession, the impact of budget cuts on students and programs, and what we can do about it.
  4. As a kind of crescendo, people attending the talk by Mutchnick and Cornelius will be encouraged to walk together over the the Academic Forum and join the discussion on retrenchment.

This really promises to be quite a day!  I hope everyone who can come out will!


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