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There has been significant news coverage of student and faculty rallies around the state in response to Corbett’s cuts, so I wanted to take a little time to post some of that coverage here.  I think it is critical that we see the work we are doing locally on our campuses and in our communities as part of a significant network of people working to push back against Corbett’s attempts to cut the future.  We might not all know each other (yet), but we are, nonetheless, in this together. Here is a sampling of the news just from the past couple of days:

Yes, there are a lot of articles here and no I didn’t put them in any special order.  I am sure that I missed several articles and stories that ran on local TV news stations.  But the point of posting all of them here, is to recognize that there is significant resistance to Corbett’s cuts and that students and faculty from around the state are already mobilized and resisting.  I’ve heard some students and faculty lament that the protests on their campuses should have been bigger.  OK, I hear ya.  However, I think we also need to see that when taken together, a couple thousand people stood up this past week and said: “Enough!”  AND…(continuing on my upbeat mood)…this Monday, March 28th we expect those folks and more to converge on the State Capitol and make our collective voices heard.

For now, plan on being in Harrisburg on Monday, March 28th.  Monday is a second day of State Senate budget hearings and we need to be outside and inside the chamber to make our presence knows.  The starts at 11:30 am and lasts till 1:00 pm.  The PASSHE hearing will begin at 1:30 pm.  The PASSHE hearing will last until 2:30 pm and then PHEAA will up on the stand.  The Rally is scheduled for outside at the Main Capitol Steps, but in case of rain, we have the Rotunda reserved as well. PSEA, who has their office directly across from the Main Capitol Steps, at 400 North Third Street, has offered their headquarters as a staging area, so faculty and students can arrive at 11:00 am.

Buses will be leaving Kutztown at 9am.  We will meet in the parking lot behind Beekey.  There are still a few seats left on APSCUF-KU’s two buses, so if you want a seat email APSCUF-KU or call 610.683.4277 asap to reserve your seat.  KU’s Student Government Board, Association of Campus Events, and Undergraduate Council also have several buses going.  If you can’t get space on our bus, you can sign up in MSU 153 or call 610.683.1383 with one of their buses.  APSCUF-KU has coordinated with the student groups and all of our buses will meet in the same place and leave at the same time.

So, keep the laments for better times.


Jelcz M121MB


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This is pretty big news folks.  This just in from the PA AFL-CIO Legislative Bulletin:

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bill George officially announced his plans to retire as President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO at the conclusion of his term in May of 2010 after serving for 20 years as the top union leader in Pennsylvania and as a 50 year member of organized labor. This year also marks the 50thAnniversary of the formation of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO in 1960 which will be celebrated at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention in Pittsburgh, April 12th through the 15th.

“It wasn’t an easy decision but it’s the right decision and at the right time,” he said in thanking Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Vice Presidents, Labor Leaders at every level of the labor movement and all union members for their activism, support, and friendship throughout his Presidency. He also thanked Secretary-Treasurer Richard Bloomingdale for their close partnership and instrumental role in the many political and legislative victories on behalf of working families. President George also thanked the staff and employees of the State Federation for the dedication and support for the betterment of union members and all workers.

President George plans to stay active in the 2010 elections including the race for governor and U.S. Senate and continue serving on the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council as President-Emeritus.

Bill’s career started in the mills of J & L Steel as a member of the United Steelworkers Union Local 1211 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, his hometown. From there he rose through the ranks to become the President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO in 1990. The Convention will be electing Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Officers and Vice Presidents.

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