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Chancellor Cavanaugh wants to cut temporary faculty salaries by 35%. That would move a temporary faculty member’s family from earning a living wage to qualifying for food stamps. Not in our house!

Here’s a great image from our colleagues at West Chester University. I think the Hand of Temps should make an appearance at Kutztown.  “Like” WCU Adjuncts facebook page and show your support! http://www.facebook.com/WcuAdjuncts


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This past December, APSCUF won a significant arbitration concerning the conversion of temporary faculty into tenure-track lines.  The case had to do with two temporary faculty members at California University who had their continuous full-time service broken in order to prevent those faculty members being converted into tenure-track positions as spelled out in Article 11.G of our contract.

This award is significant because it represents a material push-back against administrations’ attempts to limit the number of tenure-track/tenured faculty by keeping the numbers of contingent faculty artificially high.  It also is a signal to faculty that they can not be complicit in a two-tiered faculty system when a mechanism designed to limit the shift toward contingent faculty in higher education exists.  No more throwing up the hands saying, “there’s nothing I can do.”

In any case, I am not writing to review all the particulars of the arbitration award.  I am writing because another “interesting” document found its way to my desk.  The document in question is a memo from Assistant Vice Chancellor of Labor Relations, Michael Mottola, and University Legal Counsel, Andrew Lehman, to PASSHE University Presidents.  Titled “Article 11.G Fifth (5th) Year Use of Temporary Faculty Arbitration Decision” issued on January 7, 2011 outlines PASSHE’s take on the Artibrator’s ruling and, from my perspective, some preliminary ideas on how to circumvent it.

From my perspective, two of PASSHE’s “alternatives” point to PASSHE’s desire to regularize contingency up to the full 25% cap.  These “alternatives” also point to problem with APSCUF’s agreement to raise the cap on temporary faculty to 25% regardless of status (i.e. full-time or part-time):

B. Use the Regular Part-Time Faculty hiring option as provided for in Article 45.

C. If a temporary position is used consider hiring a 75% FTE or less workload and maintain that work load, unless a “legitimate business reason” exists to do otherwise.

The bottom line is that PASSHE is looking for ways to prevent full-time employment.  No need to pay benefits or worry about an additional tenured faculty member down the road. Note that NOT ONE of the “alternatives” that PASSHE presents to its President’s has anything to do with the quality of education.  They are concerned only with “business reasons.”  As the only one’s left who are committed to quality education, we might keep a recent post by Seth Kahn in the back of our heads as we read this document:

PASSHE Memo on Article 11 Arbitration 1-7-2011

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This morning all members of our department got an email from our Chair relaying a simple message: Our dean told her that the Provost wants our department, English, to cut an ADDITIONAL 10 classes out of our schedule.  This is after we have ALREADY cut 8 classes.

If you want to play games, you could argue that we were not told to make any cuts.  What the Provost passed on to the Dean was the number of lines released for the fall:

  • 4 full-time tenure track replacements (although I think one of them is a mistake and will be removed from the list)
  • 1 spring only replacement
  • 3 full-time temporary lines

If you look only at the number of lines released, you might think…hmm, not so bad, right?  It’s only when you do the math that you see what is being proposed is a deep cut.

Our department currently has eight full-time temporary positions and two  ¾-time temporary positions in the fall schedule.  The Provost’s proposal  means cutting three positions for fall at the very least.

Our department already had a budget meeting scheduled for 11am today.  Now we will be discussing how we will respond.

What we all need to know at this point is what is happening in every other department.  For those of you who are KU faculty, what kind of cuts were handed down in your department today?  If you are a faculty member at any of the PASSHE universities, are you getting the news today as well?

Add your comment please!

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