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As readers of the XChange know, this past Thursday, APSCUF members from across the state converged on the Dixon Center in Harrisburg for the October meeting of the PASSHE Board of Governors. APSCUF President Steve Hicks reminded the Board that APSCUF’s offer of binding interest arbitration expires this coming Monday – October 15th. As I reported in a previous post, the day before the Board of Governor’s meeting, the Chancellor’s Office told APSCUF that it was limiting public comments from faculty to three speakers each limited to three minutes. You can listen to the public comments made by APSCUF by clicking the links at the end of this post (I was pleased that my recordings came out so well).

I was thrilled to see over 100 faculty members from 12 of the 14 PASSHE universities represented at the Board of Governors meeting. Kutztown was well represented and many of those who could not make it, sent cardboard Avatars thanks to the creative work of some of our members (you can see all my photos of the event on the APSCUF-KU 411 Facebook page). Our picket before the meeting was serious and lively. When we moved inside to the meeting, APSCUF members packed the hall.

Now, we wait until Monday for the Chancellor’s response to our offer of binding interest arbitration. Next Saturday, October 20th, APSCUF has called a special Legislative Assembly in State College with only one item on the agenda: discussion and vote on strike authorization. Meanwhile, around the state, faculty are doing the practical work of preparing for the possibility that we will be forced to go on strike to preserve the quality of our jobs and the quality of education in PASSHE. We are putting whatever we can in savings. We are sending our off-campus email addresses to our local offices. We are making placards. We are planning actions. We are talking to students. We are talking to our neighbors. We are writing letters. We are visiting the offices of our state legislators. We are getting ready.

At our September Legislative Assembly meeting, I was struck by how different this negotiations felt and how unified the delegates were about the seriousness of the issues we are facing. I felt like I was with like-minded people who saw our current contract fight for what it is: it is a fight to preserve public higher education in Pennsylvania, a fight to preserve our profession. It is a fight for our students, our children and their futures. I felt the same seriousness of purpose in APSCUF members at the Board of Governors meeting.

Below are links to the comments made by APSCUF members at the Board of Governors meeting. They are MP3 files, so they should play on any computer or device.

APSCUF President, Steve Hicks – “Monday is the Deadline” 

Kevin Mahoney, APSCUF-KU – “You Can’t Have It Both Ways, Chancellor”

APSCUF-KU President, Paul Quinn – “In the Trenches”

Mary Popovich, APSCUF-CAL – “Hitting Below the Intellect”


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And the saga of PASSHE’s support for ex-IUP president Tony Atwater continues.  You’ll recall that APSCUF-IUP led a no-confidence vote in Atwater.  An overwhelming majority voted no confidence in Atwater. You also may recall that shortly after the Pittsburgh Tribune reported on Atwater’s “sweet” severance package and just a day after IUP announce the possibility of faculty layoffs, the PASSHE Board of Governors posed for a picture with Atwater and sang his praises.  And now, we learn this:

Ex-IUP leader raked in perks – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Major kudos to Tribune reporter Paul Pierce and the Tribune staff for following through on this story and not letting these abuses escape the public eye.

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And the struggle against Aramark begins.  Right on time.

Punxsutawney Spirit – Union for IUP workers hints at strike against ..Aramark.

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Another PASSHE university given notification of possible retrenchment.

Layoffs possible for faculty at IUP – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

I cannot resist the temptation of pairing the above article with this posting on the Indiana University web page on the same day:

PASSHE Board Recognizes Former President

You may recall that this particular former president, Tony Atwater, was given a strong vote of no confidence by the faculty.  PASSHE’s response at that point?  Give Atwater a sweetheart deal.  Here’s a bit from a June 20 article posted on the Pittsburgh Tribune Opinion page:

The embattled Indiana University of Pennsylvania president, smacked with a recent no-confidence vote by faculty, will walk away with a full year’s salary ($253,428, less payroll deductions), reimbursement for COBRA medical-coverage premiums through June 2011, payment for earned but unused leave, plum retirement contributions and up to $15,000 in moving expenses.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Editorial Board titled the article, “Atwater’s Sweet Deal: Outrageous!”  I’ll say.  But apparently that editorial and disgust at the hypocritical behavior of a PASSHE administration that claims “budget crisis” while handing over sweet deals to their buddies at the top didn’t have an impact on what they do.  Just another sign that the behavior we saw on Wall Street is not limited to stock brokers and traders.  We’ve got plenty of them right here in Pennsylvania. Enough of the deceit.

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take the money and runYet more evidence that PASSHE uses “budget crisis” selectively.  For those of you who do not know, Tony Atwater, IUP’s former President, was recently forced to resign following a faculty “no confidence” vote.

Apparently, PASSHE is not saying one way or another why Atwater left/was asked to leave.  However, the article below from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review shows how generous PASSHE can be do one of their own.  Enjoy your new vacation home, Tony.

Atwater’s sweet deal: Outrageous! – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

December 18, 2009, 02:43 PM ET

Indiana U. of Pennsylvania Faculty Votes No Confidence in President

Faculty members at Indiana University of Pennsylvania have voted overwhelmingly for a resolution of no confidence in the institution’s president, Tony Atwater. According to a statement issued by the campus chapter of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, the faculty union, more than 86 percent of the 777 eligible faculty members voted, and 85 percent of them (568) voted no confidence. The resolution cited Mr. Atwater for disregarding shared governance, overspending despite budget constraints, and an alienating leadership style. Mr. Atwater told the Indiana Gazette<http://online.indianagazette.com/articles/2009/12/18/news/doc4b2bd9f65f327854137782.txt> that he was not surprised at the vote, and noted that the difficult economic situation had forced him to make unpopular decisions.

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Today’s article in the Pittsburgh Tribune on the IUP No Confidence vote:

IUP faculty to hold no-confidence vote – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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